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The LBZ was released as a replacement for the LLY, but its lifespan was also short. It contains a thicker engine block than the LLY and fuel injection pressure is better. This is also the final year before modern emission control systems were installed, which inevitably leads to more problems..

Duramax LLY problems, limp mode& low coolant light warning. Tags duramax lly. ... A 2004.5 with a LLY duramax motor. It already has the EGR delete kit on it, and the silencer delete on the air intake boot off of the turbo. It also has a Bean machine lifter pump, with the fuel filters mointed on the side of the frame and lines coming straight ...05quickchevy. 622 posts · Joined 2010. #4 · Aug 1, 2011. Might need a new MAF would be my guess, it adding alot more fuel at lower speeds and rpm but when you speed up and rpms wind up, it begins to be the correct air/fuel ratio therefore smokes less. Chris. 2005 3500 LILLY 2.0. XCLB 2wd. old truck: 2005 2500HD LiLLY.

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The LLY did have a problem with the FICM harness at the passenger side of the alternator. The harness is tied down with a tie strap. The sharp edge of the FICM bracket, cuts into the protective cover and wires- shorts the injection. Cut the tie and inspect the wires. Insulate the harness with a short piece of heater hose.This Chevrolet Kodiak C4500 with the Duramax LLY derated and threw engine code 1093 "Fuel Rail Pressure (FRP) low during power enrichment". This is typically...05 LLY problems. Jump to Latest Follow 14K views 30 replies 11 participants last post by 830king Dec 1, 2014. Blayze2010 Discussion starter 24 posts · Joined 2014 Add to quote; Only show this user #1 · Aug 20, 2014 (Edited) Ive ...67.7K subscribers. Subscribed. 2K. 145K views 6 years ago. The Duramax LLY is a favorite for many diesel fans but it has its issues, like overheating problems …

The LLY has major similarities to the LBZ that remain to be seen. Both engines have a similar displacement of 6.6 liters that acts as a housing to 32 valves. ... Trucks with the LLY Duramax engine have minimal injector problems that were previously witnessed in the LB7 vehicle engines. Apart from the L5P, the LLY can also be tuned to match the ...battlegraduate09 Discussion starter. 7344 posts · Joined 2010. #1 · Dec 8, 2011 (Edited) ANY ADVICE- LLY Electrical problem (UPDATE) Im going by the GM bulletin #03-08-50-014A looking for the source. Supposedly the wiring harness under the seat being pinched or chafed will cause my problmes-. *Various IPC warning indicators …Boise, ID, USA. Dec 5, 2016. #8. aklbz said: You can test one by just plugging it in real quick and running it for a short time. Don't need fuel lines hooked up to test. Don't need the fuel lines hooked up ever :thumb: I've been running mine dry (no fuel lines connected) on the valve cover for 2 years & 20k+ miles now.Most Common Problems With 6.6 LLY Duramax: Despite LLY Duramax being some of the best diesel engines on the market, they are not perfect. Many LLY Duramax engine owners have reported that LLY Duramax engines have experienced certain problems over time.

Fuel Rail Pressure @ 157,840kPa. MZemo. Nov 15, 2023. 51. 3K. Nov 22, 2023. by Mikes2019HDDuramax. 1 1 of 561 561. Discuss the second generation (2004.5-2005 LLY) of the 6.6L Duramax diesel engine & associated components. 2006 LLY engine discussion belongs in Third...Chevy / GMC Duramax 04.5-05 LLY Forum. 04.5-05 LLY Duramax Powertrain. lly problems. 2716 Views 15 Replies 7 Participants Last post by SST 1953, Mar 3, 2013. 05chevy3500 Discussion Starter · Mar 1, 2013. Only show this user ... ….

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Okay so I have a 05 lly that I have had for around a year. I am very familiar with the injector harness issues and running issues as this is my 3rd lly truck. So for he last 5 months the truck would randomly either shut off or barely runs and sounds like a tractor. Having already experienced this I knew exactly where to look.Product Description. $ 225.00. Duramax FICM Repair & Return Service. Contact SIA Electronics today at (800)737-0915. Email to a friend. SKU: duramax-ficm-repair Category: Chevrolet ECM / ECU Repair & Return Tags: Chevrolet ECM, Duramax FICM, FICM, Fuel Injector Control Module. Description.

Using a SHARP ice pick, or test light, you can sometimes tighten the terminals in the injector connector. Common problem on most 04.5-05 LLY engines. Also the FICM wire harness is tied down with a zip tie to the FICM bracket-- sometimes the sharp corner of the bracket cuts into the plastic loom, and shorts the wires.Sep 6, 2022 · Now, the LLY has a catalytic converter in most models. Upgrading the downpipe + getting a 4″ catback will run you around $600. If your truck doesn’t have, or doesn’t require, a catalytic converter, then the LB7 exhaust is a direct bolt-on and is turbo-back for only $399 which would be the best option and cheapest. Price: $419.99.

to whom tom wambsgans says nyt crossword Lly fuel problems. Jump to Latest Follow 4K views 16 replies 4 participants last post by Corgil36 Jun 15, 2021. C. Corgil36 Discussion starter 12 posts · Joined 2021 Add to quote; Only show this user #1 · May 24, 2021. first time posting on here hoping to get some answers,my truck is a 2004 gmc lly had it for few years now with no problems. ...30104 posts · Joined 2008. #3 · Jan 1, 2016 (Edited) From the front, looking back, inlet is left, outlet (your leak) is right. Not sure if it's available or not. You could always source the Doorman 3/8" quick-connect barbed replacements and use 3/8" bulk fuel line for the run from the cooler back to the tank sending unit module, routed over ... pa trout stocking schedule 2022yard machines 3 way system 10 hp May 25, 2023 · This category is dedicated to the GM Duramax LLY 6.6L diesel engine in Silverado and Sierra 2500/3500 trucks. Our Duramax LLY content includes articles such as the best LLY performance upgrades and the most common engine problems. Duramax diesels are a big focus for the ChevyTrucks team, so check back for more unique, insightful LLY guides. pratt kansas craigslist My MAP reads 13.2 PSI and my Baro Sensor reads 45 kPa (6.5 PSI) using a Predator. I think the Baro Sensor reading should be about 95 kPa for my altitude (2,600 ft). The MAP sensor is actually called the Boost Pressure Sensor on our trucks. It takes a baro reading at first key on, then continues to monitor bosst pressure after start up.Oct 20, 2017 · 2005 LLY Electrical harness issues (FICM, injector) Friend borrowed the truck and on his way home it shut down while driving. Threw codes 201,02,03,04,05,06,07,08 2146, 2149. Got the codes cleared, primed fuel filter and that got him home but sounded like a tractor in limp mode for last 30 seconds. Cleared codes again, started for a minute ... how to replace adt sensor battery308 bullet drop 1000 yardsaap isolved login Chevy / GMC Duramax 04.5-05 LLY Forum. 04.5-05 LLY Performance Parts Discussion. Lly problems with new ECM. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 10 of 10 Posts. E. Ethan01 · ...Three issues.... that all seem related. Its a 2005 LLY Duramax. Every once in a while, the "Service Brake System" and chime pop up while driving. The tranny feels like it goes into netural for a momment, then goes back into gear. The message and chime stop, and I keep driving. wavy perm mullet I am going to run the 2020 oil cooler as well as a large external oil cooler for overkill. The 01-16 cooler has 10 plates, 17-19 cooler has 14 plates, and 2020 cooler has 20 plates. Any cooler 17-20 is a major improvement even in terms of coolant flow. To run the 2020 you need the elbow, gasket, and cooler from GM. pope funeral home in winnsborowow cable modemfarmer funeral service inc. ayden obituaries LLY Duramax EGR Delete Problems. LLY Duramax Engine Problems. It Will Void Your Vehicle's Warranty. Removing the EGR without going through authorized centers is considered an intentional modification. Manufacturers will often deny warranties for our vehicles if you have arbitrarily impacted the car. If there are any problems in the future, we ...