MtÜ Eluliin

MTÜ Eluliin, is NGO based in Estonia which was established in 1996 under the leadership of Dr. Airi Värnik, the director of the Estonian-Swedish Suicide Prevention Institute. since February 1997, the organisation is been a full member of Befrienders International which is the worldwide relief movement devoted to suicide prevention.

Apart from the emotional support, MTÜ Eluliin also offers psychological and social counselling in favour of heterogeneous groups with different targets addressing the victims of human trafficking, victims of prostitution, drug addicts, HIV-positive.

MTÜ Eluliin has therefore gained extensive experience not only in psychological counselling, but also in legal and social counselling, aimed precisely at the rehabilitation of women, men and children victims of trafficking or intervening in support of those who intend to leave the world of prostitution. or drug addiction.
Since 2018, MTÜ Eluliin has also established the IWA – International Center for women Assistance which offers social, cultural, educational and information services for women victims of violence, for the prevention of such situations and to eliminate all types of social discrimination.

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