Fundación Red Íncola

Fundación Red Íncola is a NGO based in Spain which was founded in 2006 to support people in situations of exclusion particularly immigrants with a goal of supporting them in defending their rights and helping them in social and labour integration, in order to allow them to be able to enjoy decent living conditions.

Among the various projects on-going, the NGO Red Incola supports interventions for victims of human trafficking in a network with the Albor Association of HH Oblatas; both manage the use of a mobile unit capable of offering information and aid to women victims of sexual exploitation, through the identification of victims and the promotion of socio-economic integration.

In the same context starting from 2018 both entities are building a network specifically dedicated to the identification and support of victims of female sexual exploitation from South American countries, mainly Venezuela and the Dominican Republic.

Fundación Red Íncola
Calle del Olmo, 63 – 47010, Valladolid – Spain
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