E.P.E.K.S.A. – Scientific Society for Social Cohesion and Development

E.P.E.K.S.A. – Scientific Society for Social Cohesion and Development – is a politically independent scientific research and social intervention centre based in Greece, operating as a non-profit organization. It collaborates with international and Greek partners (universities, research centres, NGOs, private companies, local authorities, etc.) and manages national and European projects, undertakes research, develops studies, organizes seminars and conferences.

EPEKSA has developed the following projects: “Awareness of legal immigration for socio-economic inclusion”; “Development of a cooperation network between representatives of the committees for the integration of immigrants and other bodies of local government organizations and representatives of immigration institutions at European level”, providing support to the SEM -Committee for the Integration of Immigrants; for training aimed at stakeholders, the facilitation of network activities, the exchange of good practices, as well as training on issues related to immigration from non-EU countries.

This activity of support is to avoid overlapping the objectives already identified by the Committee – was implemented from the beginning by EPEKSA by presenting the results of its interventions and the relative conclusions on issues relating to immigration and support for vulnerable individuals so that all those involved could derive maximum added value.

Epeksa, Scientific society for social cohesion & development
12, kleisovis str, Athens 10677 – Greece
+30 210 3303060 – epeksa@otenet.gr