Centro Studi Medì

The Centro studi Medì is an independent research center founded in 2003 in Genoa, Italy, which since 2007 has been established as a Social Promotion Center to study immigration issues and the changes they make to the social fabric, work and culture of the receiving communities.
The activity of Centro studi Medì provides the publication of studies, research, organizing conferences and seminars and the preparation and publication of “Mondi Migranti“, the journal of studies and research on international migration.

For some years the centre has also been organizing a summer school for the sociology of migration, which has now become a point of reference for the training of young researchers and social workers.

Centro Studi Medì has also started collaborations with various universities (University of Genoa, State University of Milan), as well as with other research bodies (FIERI – International and European Research Forum on Immigration, ISMU Foundation – Initiatives and Study on Multi-ethnicity , IDOS Study and Research Center / Statistical Dossier Immigation) and, moreover, with cultural and third sector organizations (Palazzo Ducale di Genova – Foundation for Culture, Goethe Institut Genua, ADL Zavidovici).

Centro Studi Medì
VIa Balbi 16, 16124 – Genova
+39 010 2514371 – medi@csmedi.com