Agorà Soc. Coop. Soc.

The Agorà cooperative (the result of an articulated path of fusions through incorporations) came into being in Italy in 1995 (formerly Consorzio Agorà Cooperativa Sociale) which deals with personal service activities alongside families and businesses, works to grow the territory in which it is present, enhancing its characteristics and has as its main objective to contribute to create an inclusive, supportive and welcoming community, supporting the integration of resources and thus increasing the opportunities of the citizens.

Agorà has developed numerous projects to promote the social and economic inclusion of immigrants, refugees, unaccompanied foreign minors and since 2001 it has been supporting victims of human trafficking.
Together with the Municipality of Genoa, Agorà manages the help desk dedicated to assisting the most vulnerable people, including victims of human trafficking, in particular minors, which made it possible to support 23 victims of trafficking, including 3 minors.
Agorà is also a partner in a regional project, HTH – Hope This Helps, funded by the Department for Equal Opportunities, which aims to strengthen the network and the tools to identify and assist the victims of human trafficking.

Agorà soc.coop.soc.
Main Office:
Vico del Serriglio 3, 16124 – Genova
Operative Headquarter:
Via San Luca 15/11, 16124 – Genova
+39 010 2470062 – andreia@consorzioagora.it