Trafficking and prevention of re-trafficking

Andreia Project aims to develop tools to help integrate third-country nationals, who are victims of human trafficking (THB), in to their host societies, in order to find durable solutions and prevent re-trafficking:

Planning and Networking

ANDREIA project is the synthesis of the Agorà twenty years’ experience in the field of human trafficking, with a widespread knowledge of territorial and international dynamics, it is also to participate on the representative tables at a local and European level such as the EU Civil Society Platform against Trafficking in Human Beings.
The project involves 5 territories of the European Union:

Agorà Cooperativa

The Agorà cooperative (the result of an articulated path of fusions through incorporations) came into being in Italy in 1995 (formerly Consorzio Agorà Cooperativa Sociale) which deals with personal service activities alongside families and businesses, works to grow the territory in which it is present, enhancing its characteristics and has as its main objective to contribute to create an inclusive, supportive and welcoming community

Centro Studi Medì

The Centro studi Medì is an independent research center founded in 2003 in Genoa, Italy, which since 2007 has been established as a Social Promotion Center to study immigration issues and the changes they make to the social fabric, work and culture of the receiving communities.

MtÜ Eluliin

MTÜ Eluliin, is NGO based in Estonia which was established in 1996 under the leadership of Dr. Airi Värnik, the director of the Estonian-Swedish Suicide Prevention Institute. since February 1997, the organisation is been a full member of Befrienders International which is the worldwide relief movement devoted to suicide prevention


EXILIO e.V. is a recognized association based in Germany, founded in 1995, to offer both medical and psychological help to immigrants, refugees and victims of torture. The approach used is holistic and interdisciplinary, in order to support the individuals in all their needs

Fundación Red Íncola

Fundación Red Íncola is a NGO based in Spain which was founded in 2006 to support people in situations of exclusion particularly immigrants with a goal of supporting them in defending their rights and helping them in social and labour integration


E.P.E.K.S.A. – Scientific Society for Social Cohesion and Development – is a politically independent scientific research and social intervention centre based in Greece, operating as a non-profit organization. It collaborates with international and Greek partners


Agorà soc. coop. soc.